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Meet Birdie, a better way to care

Meet Birdie, a better way to care

Birdie is a care technology platform that supports care professionals and families in delivering better and safer elderly care at home.

Digitally capture visits notes & wellbeing information

Caregivers record visit notes directly in the Birdie app. Key information on the older adult’s wellbeing are instantly accessible by the whole circle of care.

Connected sensors around the home

Our sensors platform detects incidents, such as falls or wandering, and alerts the right people at the right time to solve any issues.

Real-time health alerts

By analysing care reports and sensors information, our advanced health analytics identifies patterns of deterioration and alerts you and your client’s families.

Full transparency for all involved

Our system works seamlessly to provide real-time information about care. It brings transparency and support towards the highest regulatory standards.

For regulators

Create tailored reports and audit care visits in real time.

For families

Everyone is kept up to date with the latest information about the care and wellbeing of the older adult.

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"Birdie has really helped me in caring for my dad, it’s improved his independence and our relationship. Before using Birdie, I was stressing him out. Today, we’re a lot calmer. It’s taken the worry and stress off both of us."

Zara Martins
Caring for her dad David, London

“Birdie tracks key health and well-being metrics over time and catches issues before they worsen. Providing more efficient and higher-quality care to all”

Elizabeth Kendrick
Geriatrician, St Marys hospital

“Birdie gives me such peace of mind. When Mum is well, checking the app reassures me. When she is unwell I look more closely and track her movements. If anything is unusual I can put in the support she needs. There is always someone I can talk to.”

Lizz Maykels
Caring for her mom Rica, London

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Flexible, affordable pricing

We work with you to find the best commercial options for your business and reduce our fees based on the number of your clients who upgrade to our premium features. Join us today and try Birdie for free.

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Network of agency

We're building a network of preferred care partners across the country with the ambition to refer customers looking for care. As well as bringing you new clients, the Birdie Care Network will help you stand out by differentiating your care services


Explore what we’re doing & learning and other helpful resources on our blog.

Visit our blog


Explore what we’re doing & learning and other helpful resources on our blog.

Visit our blog

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