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care companion

Our digital system supports older adults and their families with the practicalities of caring at home. Birdie enables everyone involved in the care to be confident that life at home continues to be safe and sensible.

Communicate easily with carers

Keep in touch with your carer before, during and after a visit. Stay informed with real-time updates and send them any concerns you might have.

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Share valuable information instantly with the care circle via in-app chat
Hi everyone, I’m just leaving Annie now, we had a great day today, she was on top form!
Hey Camille, thanks so much for your hard work today! I’ll pick up some biscuits for you and mum for tomorrow’s visit.
Thanks a lot Emma. It’s great to see Annie feeling better. I’ll send another update tomorrow.

Always know all is well

Check at a glance how your loved one is doing. Anytime, anywhere. Access up to date information on their mood, sleep pattern, medicine intake and many more well-being metrics.

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Check in on your loved one at any time with regular health and well-being updates

Keep an eye 24/7

Birdie’s connected devices track behaviour in the home and identify potential health risks. Instant alerts will notify you of any unusual changes and connect you to our trusted partners to address issues before they worsen.

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Monitor behaviour at home with Birdie infrared sensors or live-stream 24/7 with Birdie Cam
Receive alerts and address problems immediately
Track health over time and catch potential issues earlier

Get support from the best care services

Get advice, find the right caregivers and book care services easily. Birdie is here to support you no matter where you are in your care journey.

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Get instant advice and support from our professional care manager
Find the best carers to suit your needs among our vetted network
Easily book services including transportation, medicine delivery and doctors’ appointments

“Birdie gives me such peace of mind. When Mum is well, checking the app reassures me. When she is unwell I look more closely and track her movements. If anything is unusual I can put in the support she needs. There is always someone I can talk to.”

Lizz, caring for her Mum Rica,

“Now that I can communicate easily with families, it gives me such peace of mind. Birdie really supports me in delivering better care”

Stacy Stephens, Carer,

“Birdie is a true care companion for carers, families and ageing adults, it tracks key health and well-being metrics over time and catches issues before they worsen. Providing more efficient and higher-quality care to all”

Elizabeth Kendrick, Geriatrician, St Marys hospital,

“Birdie is an efficient way of recording the key aspects of a client’s wellbeing. Thanks to an instant overview of the services delivered, I am confident I can act upon any changes or concerns. Birdie is an innovative way of delivering responsive, quality services.”

Emma Lewis, Agency Manager, Right at Home,

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