Our Mission

Our mission is to give older adults and their families the confidence that ageing at home is truly possible.

Birdie is reinventing older adult care
at home.

Max Parmentier
Co-founder & CEO

Meet the team

We believe that human care and technology can come together to better answer the needs of ageing adults.

We understand how caring for a loved one can be worrying. With our solid experience, we bring support, peace of mind and confidence to families, so everyday worries stop getting in the way of their cherished relationships.

Join our team

Birdie is backed by Kamet Ventures, a start-up studio owned by the renowned insurance group AXA. Kamet creates disruptive new companies in the $5 trillion insurance, protection and assistance space.

Kamet Ventures has been funded with an initial investment of €100m and has a mission to significantly improve the lives of billions of people.