See Elizabeth’s testimonial.
Meet Birdie, a new generation telecare for 24/7 peace-of-mind.
See David’s testimonial.

Meet Birdie, revolutionary telecare for 24/7 peace of mind

24/7 safety monitoring and telecare centre

Feel safe, independent and well at home. At a press of a button and with our discrete wireless motion sensors, we’ll know when you need help and assist you with our 24/7 telecare centre and by warning your loved ones.

Smartphone app for family peace-of mind

Family and relatives of your choosing receive live reports from caregivers to know you’re well. They are notified of any potential problem, from health to intrusion.

The right personal support, instantly

Instant phone access to vetted services such as GP, transportation, meal delivery or just advice via the Birdie app. We’re there to help and support you when and where you want.

Why Birdie?

Emma Lewis
Agency Manager, Right at Home, Swansea
“Birdie is an efficient way of recording the key aspects of a client’s wellbeing. Thanks to an instant overview of the services delivered, I am confident I can act upon any changes or concerns. Birdie is an innovative way of delivering responsive, quality services.”
Stacy Stephens
Carer, London
“Now that I can communicate easily with families, it gives me such peace of mind. Birdie really supports me in delivering better care”
Lizz Maykels
Caring for her mom Rica, London
“Birdie gives me such peace of mind. When Mum is well, checking the app reassures me. When she is unwell I look more closely and track her movements. If anything is unusual I can put in the support she needs. There is always someone I can talk to.”
Elizabeth Kendrick
Geriatrician, St Marys hospital
“Birdie tracks key health and well-being metrics over time and catches issues before they worsen. Providing more efficient and higher-quality care to all”
Zara Martins
Caring for her dad David, London
"Birdie has really helped me in caring for my dad, it’s improved his independence and our relationship. Before using Birdie, I was stressing him out. Today, we’re a lot calmer. It’s taken the worry and stress off both of us."

Find a package that works for you

  • Caregivers reports in real-time
Safe & Well
  • Caregivers reports
  • 24/7 UK based TSA accredited telecare response center*
  • Health and safety sensors monitoring**
  • Support services (GP, transportation)
  • Concierge line
  • All accessible from the Birdie app
From £29.99/month***
  • * Already have a telecare service in place? No problem, Birdie comes as a complement to your existing solution.
  • ** Hardware includes hub connected via cellular phone (no wifi), 6 discrete wireless motion sensors and a lightweight fall detector bracelet/pendant. All swiftly installed by our professional engineers.
  • *** Excluding VAT. You can be exempted of VAT if you meet certain criteria. An initial £100 deposit will be requested and paid back at contract termination. Your contract can be interrupted at any time.

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